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Shelby St. Pentecostal Lighthouse

8620 S. Shelby St.
Indianapolis, IN  46227



Shelby St. Lighthouse history notes:

Original work for the independent movement began on King ave. on west side of Indianapolis pastored by Rev. Dutch Allender

Bro Dutch moved to West Newton and continued there.

In the year 1952, a building was rented at 617 South New Jersey St Indianapolis pastured by Rev. Louis Gibson and as the congregation grew, it was agreed up to buy land and build at 2700 South Tibbs ave.

Construction began on the basement of the church and upon completion of basement, the congregation began to have services until the sanctuary could be completed.

A recreation building was added to the church and since then, a new sanctuary and other buildings have been added and under the leadership of Rev. David Gibson, the son of Rev. Louis Gibson who is now deceased.

In the year 1963, several members of the congregation at the tibbs ave location felt the need of spreading out in order to reach more people with the gospel.

A small group of people began a work down at Peogia in Brown County pastured by Rev. Jr Burkhart and is now under the leadership of his Son in Law Jay Griffie.

Another small group of people under the leadership of Rev. Bige Carnahan began searching and A church building was located at 9300 so Morgantown rd for sale and negotiations began and consummated the purchase of this building from the Mt Pleasant Christian church who relocated on Hiway 37 an Fairview Rd.

The Glorious Church of God was incorporated and services began in 1963 under the Rev. Bige Carnahan until his death in 1987.

Rev. Milton Smith pastured following Rev. Carnahan

Rev. John Angela followed Rev Smith.

Rev. Carlos Burdine followed Rev Angela and pastured until

Combining together with the work on Shelby St in 2004.

In the early 1970’s, the congregation on Morgantown Rd began to search for land to build on as space was limited and future growth was impractical at this location. At a business meeting, June 30, 1974, the opportunity to buy Nine and one half acres located at 8620 Shelby St was brought up and those in attendance unanimously agreed that this property was suitable for a church and that this matter should be pursued further.

At the following business meeting on July 10, 1974, the committee agreed to vote to purchase the land.

Agreement was to buy the land on an 8% contract with $5,000.00 down and carry the balance for a 10 year period.


The land was bought and preparations began for rezoning in to what is known as SU 1 which allowed for a church building at this location. After the zoning approval, work began on the

Present Sunday School Bldg which was to be used as a sanctuary until a new sanctuary could be built.

The building was used for Sunday School & church and fellowship.

The Lord blessed us and construction began on the sanctuary in 1982 and we moved into it in 1984.

Since that time, we have build a new family life-multipurpose-building which houses HOPE academy.


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