Shelby St. Pentecostal Lighthouse

8620 S. Shelby St.
Indianapolis, IN  46227


What Does it take to Build a Church?

Does it take the best lumber? Does it take the strongest stones? Does it take the most famous architect and builder? No. It just takes someone who is willing to let the Lord do what He wants to do. Just like Jesus said, "Upon this rock, I will build my church."

People like Bige and Martha Carnahan who pastored the Upper Room on South New Jersey St. in Indianapolis during the 1950's.

Then, in 1963, the congregation moved to 9300 South Morgantown Rd, and formed The Glorious Church of God. In the 1970's a new building project began at 8620 South Shelby St. under the direction of Bro. Wayne Grace, while Bro. Bige Carnahan stayed to pastor those at The Glorious Church of God.

In October 1976, Bro. Wayne Grace opened the doors to Shelby Street Pentecostal Lighthouse.

The Lord blessed The Glorious Church of God under the leadership of Bro. Bige Carnahan, Bro. Milton Smith, Bro. John Angela, and Bro. Carlos Burdine, while the Lord blessed Bro. Grace at Shelby St. to build a new sanctuary in 1984, and a new fellowship hall in 2000.

Then the Lord did an amazing work by joining the congregations of The Glorious Church of God with Shelby St. Pentecostal Lighthouse on January 4, 2004.

We are thankful for the 35 years of pastoral ministry by Bro. Wayne Grace and the 25 years of pastoral ministry by Bro. Carlos Burdine. They allowed the Lord to build His church.

Now, since January 20, 2018, Bro. Jon Burdine pastors Shelby St. Pentecostal Lighthouse and we want the Lord to continue to do what He does best - Build His Church.

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